We evolve from past experiences.

10 Years of Branding, DIGITAL and Strategy.

We are a digital and branding studio, or a communication agency, depending on how you want to call us – we don’t mind it either way.

With over 10 years of experience, we`ve learned that no matter how we describe ourselves the best answers are reflected in our works.

So, if you look for a partner in crime we`ve got the creative ammunition, a full arsenal of UX & UI know-how, a dedicated design team, and an elite squadron of top-of-the-line devs. 

We reshape the present

We enable our partners to reach their full potential by translating their specific needs into meaningful and relatable stories. More than assessing risks and analyzing different business outcomes, here we truly embrace subjects and themes which shape today’s conversation and reshape our present. From equal rights to climatic changes, from sustainable house holdings to preserving our biodiversity, we put our creative print on relevant topics with global ramifications. 

We design for a better tomorrow.

A future where organizations creatively & sustainably explore and strive for a clean, natural, and humane world.

Ira Potcoava

Chief Executive Officer


Ira is the focal point of our organization and a reliable control tower in every endeavor we take. She keeps the entire overview and she’s making sure we check every benchmark along the way. With a soft touch, but a firm input, she maintains the balance in major projects and day-to-day activities. Developing new strategic directions for Penrose works like a charm for Ira, making her, without a question, our good luck charm. 


Sorin Pavel


He started Penrose wanting to change the world - nothing more, nothing less. He didn't know 10 years ago all the challenges on the road, and yet, personal growth and constant evolution were always part of his DNA. Now, he finds strength in new projects that push the boundaries, with the same enthusiasm and energy, and with more knowledge in assessing the best way of going forward.

Elena Reghintovschi

Co Founder & Creative Director

Elena knows not only how to inspire and lead the creative team where no brief has gone before, but she brings a fresh perspective no matter the project. If we tell you she plays really well between awesome UI projects and top-of-mind key visuals you think we are bragging. And we would be right 🙂

Viorel Ungureanu

Senior Graphic Designer

Fearless in front of every brief and resilient no matter how stormy it gets, Vio is the type of colleague every creative team needs. Not only he's really fun to be around, but when the music starts he`ll put on his best dancing shoes and make it like there is no effort whatsoever. His creative input, visual craft and technical expertise will provide the necessary solutions to get the job done.

Andrei Cotrut

Art Director & Senior Illustrator

A very well-balanced mix of curiosity and visual craft, Andrei has a “let's do it and have some fun while we are at it” approach. He literally puts his hobbies on Penrose’s skills menu and takes the visual storytelling to a whole new level. From realistic edgy characters and spectacular illustrations to cool icons, he will deliver and then some.